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Organizations and Events

  • Barleycorn Country Dancers
  • Bay Area Country Dance Society - Modern ECD, Contras, dance camps, lists of Morris teams, and more...
  • The Directorie - a registry of and guide to renaissance faires and medieval festivals
  • English Folk Dance and Song Society - the U.K. national organization
  • Faire Net is a portal for a lot of faire related groups and vendors
  • Ye Gaskell Occasional Dance Society - Victorian Dances in an elegant setting (a Pryanksters favorite)
  • Newcastle Country Dancers - the other white meat
  • PEERS - Period Events and Entertainments Re-Creation Society
  • REC - the Renaissance Entertainment Corporation - sometime called the evil empire
  • Renaissance Faire and festivals guide - an umbrella site for renaissance faires
  • Another Renaissance Pleasure Faire site
  • The Scribe, a robust clearinghouse of information on renaissance faires, geared to the performer/patron
  • Welcome to the Renaissance Faire - general information about renaissance faire sites and resources

Specific Faire Sites

Dance and Music Notation

ABC format Music

Music sources

  • John Chambers' Tune Archive - A good source for Traditional English music for ABC format.
  • The music for The English Dancing Master first edition in ABC format.
  • Ceolas is the number one information service for Celtic music on the Internet, an independent, voluntary organization, dedicated to promoting Celtic music by supplying information on all aspects of the genre through the Internet. Ceolas celtic link

Software sources

ABC home page THE source of ABC music notation. The site is maintained by Chris Walshaw the originator of the ABC system. The web-wide tune index is over 750k in length with over 6000 listed tunes.
ABCmus ABCMUS is a program for tunebooks in ABC format, created by Henrik Norbeck. This software plays the music through the computer's sound card or MIDI interface.
 ABC Navigator - another PC client - highly recommended
ABC4mac - A program to display ABC music on the Mac.
   Skink - Java based ABC 1.6 software
 Barfly - another Mac client

Other Links

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