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The original version of this website (including the original compilation of Playford dance instructions and tunes) was conceived, created, and orchestrated by Norman Bradley (and we think he did a darned good job):

Those pages were created using HoTMetaL Pro HotMeTaL Pro from SoftQuad

The Dance pages on this site were created because "THE ENGLISH DANCING MASTER" by John Playford was last printed in 1984. The text was typed into a MS-Access database and then output in HTML format.

Much of the music was found as individual files at: John Chambers' English Tune Archive. Approximately 1/3 of the tunes were written or rewritten for   various reasons. The music score graphics were created by ABC4Win from after the ABC file was created. The final graphic editing was done using Corel Photo-Paint and Draw products.

The current dance basics, configurations, instructions, and music are the effort of Jay Stirm.

Subsequent efforts include suggestions and contributions by various Pryanksters themselves.

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