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1998 Schedule

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For information please contact our director Diane Moore.

There are weekly rehearsals in both Redwood City, CA on Tuesday nights and Davis, CA on Thursday nights. The Redwood City group starts at 7:00pm and the Davis group starts at 6:30pm. Both end at 9:00pm. For information about Redwood City contact Norman Bradley and for Davis contact Ellen Coatney.

Unless noted, the monthly parties start at 12:00 noon (that's 12 not 1, 2 or 3) and are potlucks. Parties and rehearsals are indicated by (*) and performances by (&).

Date Location Additional information
8,9,10-May-98 The Whole Earth Festival, U. C. Davis,
(& and *) If we don't have stage time, we'll dance on a grassy spot near the festival.
30-May-98 Rehearsal for the Valhalla Renaissance Festival (*) Noon at Ellen's house.
6,7-June-98 Valhalla Renaissance Festival (&)At Richardsons Resort near South Lake Tahoe, CA.
13,14-June-98 Valhalla Renaissance Festival (&)At Richardsons Resort near South Lake Tahoe, CA.
27,28-June-98 Faire Oaks Tudor Fayre (&)Fair Oaks Park, Sacramento, CA
11,12-July-98 The Pittsburg Renaissance Festival (&)In Pittsburg, Ca.
18,19-July-98 Central Coast Renaissance Faire (&)In El Chorro Regional Park near San Luis Obispo, CA. As guests of the Barleycorn Dancers
3,4-Oct-98 Renaissance of Kings Cultural Arts Faire (&)In Hanford, CA (Kings county)
17,18-Oct-98 Folsom Tournament Renaissance Faire (&)In Folsom, CA

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