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Welcome to my world in cyberspace, a home page on the World Wide Web, a testament to the lingering influence of the "me" decade: blowing my own horn.

However, so that it isn't a total waste, I'll include some links to interests and activities of mine. If you'd like, use the button at the bottom to get in touch with me.   There's a lot more than what's below, but it's a good beginning....

I suppose this page, like Real Life™, will always be under construction... construction.gif (2954 bytes)

I'm involved with the Bay Area Country Dance Society  as dancer, caller/teacher, reluctant musician, administrator, and board member emeritus.  I'm privileged to be involved with the BACDS Fall Ball and Playford Ball  (English Country Dance events) ex-manager for BACDS' Spring Weekend at Monte Toyon (a weekend camp of ECD, Contra dance, and a mix of other "stuff").


I've been a big fan of Morris (English celebratory and ritual dance) for many years. Currently, I'm dancing with FFL, a Welsh Border Morris team out of Palo Alto and Emperor Norton's a Longsword team in Berkeley.  I also help coordinate information on the Bay Area May Day morning Morris celebration and help organize some of the events for the local morris community.

Past distractions include dancing with the Deer Creek Morris Men now out of San Francisco, Faultline Morris out of Hayward, and Fools' Choice Morris out of Palo Alto, as well as Melting Pot Morris (a "let's-form-a-team" which spontaneously gets recreated each year at the Northwest FolkLife Festival.


One of my favorite places for recreational and performance English Country Dance (with a smattering of Morris, Irish, and Celtic) is the latest incarnation of the Renaissance Faire based group created by Patti Blanco, The Merrie Pryanksters.  More recently I was pleased to teach and choreograph Longsword and Border dances with their alter ego, Red Rose Sword


In the workaday world, I'm a computer consultant, specializing in web development, networks, business systems and applications.  I'm involved with Hewlett-Packard and one of their platinum partnters, Speedware.  I'm a past national president and multiple times national board member of the Independent Computer Consultants Association, as well as past president of its San Francisco Bay Area chapter   If you're interested in my services (and who wouldn't be) you can check out my ICCA business profile or contact me directly (see below).


I currently live in Palo Alto with two very special beagles names Pupper and Boogie.  Our household is called Fools' Paradise (we adopted the English affectation of naming our home).  We try to be active in local community events and causes as well.  


Ok, I'm forced to admit it.   I'm a big fan of British science fiction and cult tv.  I'd love to hear any info on Dr. Who, Red Dwarf, The Prisoner, The Avengers, UFO, or Sapphire & Steele.  I also enjoy Alien Nation, Babylon 5, Max Headroom, Quantum Leap, Star Trek, and the Canadian series like Forever Knight, Stargate SG-1, and Battlestar Galactica.  Lest you worry, I *also* read books - lots of 'em (and not just comic books!)


Oh, and I enjoy animated series a great deal too, whether it's the shows of my youth like Rocky & Bullwinkle (and other Jay Ward productions) or more recent offerings like The Critic, Duckman, The Simpsons, South Park, or The Tick.  Fortunately, one can also go exploring at the local cartoon art museum.


Raised in Atlanta, I just couldn't help but become a Coca Cola addict.  Fighting the good fight against myths, I won't drink "those other colas" and carry emergency Cokes in my car. My Dad's an addict too, so one year I got him a coke machine for his birthday (hey! any excuse for male bonding).  His new digs near Vegas are too small for the machine, so it stays with me for the nonce.

Here are some of the websites I share blame for:

BACDS Fall Ball

BACDS Playford Ball

Spellbinder Systems Group

Deer Creek Morris Men

FFL Morris

ICCA - National website


MayDay Morris

ICCA - San Francisco Bay Area Chapter

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