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Saturday night and Sunday morn

Longways for as many as will

Sat. night & Sun. morn music

The steps are given for the first couple. All others should do the same.

Lead up a all a double forward and back. That again. Set and turn single. That again.
First and second couple go about your own, not turning your faces. Men the like about each other and women about each other. First man and second woman change a cross, first woman and second man as much. Each change with his own, set. And so forward, the rest following.
First man take his woman in his left hand and lead her downward under the second couples arms, lead up again, the second couple coming under your arms. First man take the second man by the left with his right and cast off coming to your own places. Women doing the like. Change places with your own, men change places, women changing at the same time. Change each with his own. Set and turn forward to the rest.
First couple and second meet, men hands, women hands, lead to the wall. Meet again. Take your own women and lead from each other. Change with your own, men change and women change at the same time. Change with your own set and so forward to the rest.

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