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The Punks Delight

Longways for as many as will

The Punks Delight music

Lead up a double forward and back. That again. Set and turn single. That again.
First cross over and taking the second woman by both hands, turn her half about with her back inwards, then put her back in the second place, while your woman does the like with the second man, slip through each other, hands all four round, then the first couple arm in the second place while the second arms in the first place.
First man going on the outside and his woman on the inside (of) the second woman meet behind her. The first man going on the inside (and) his woman on the outside the second man, meet behind him. The first couple and the second man right hands across and go round, then the first couple and the second woman right hands a cross and go round, the first couple falling into the second place.
First man going on the outside (of) the first woman, the second man following him, the first man go through between the first and second women and march to the wall, the two women taking hands and following him, the second man behind them facing back, follow the second man to the other wall, then men cast off to the right, your own women following you and men stay in the womens places and the women in their mens places by the right hands, We doing the like, each change with his own by the left.

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