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Picking of Sticks

Longways for 6

Sitcks music

Lead up all a double forwards and back. That again. First man change places with the second woman then with the last man. Lead up as before. Then the (first) woman change as the man did. Every couple doing this (until everyone is back to place).
Side all. That again. The first couple slip down between the second, they slipping up, then the second slip down and the first up. All this again. The last couple crossing over below, go up and cross above, fall to your places. The four last slip and the first couple cross about.
Arm all. That again. The women stand still, men going the (Sheepskin) Hey between them, the last man going about the middle woman. Do thus three times over. Then go quite round about all the women to your places. The women as much.

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