Lulle me beyond thee

Eight, 4 by 4

Lulle me beyond thee music

Meet a double and back. That again. First man and second woman the second man and first woman lead out to the wall while the third and fourth couples meet, The first and third couples fall back from the second and fourth couples four and four a breast and turn each his opposite. This again, those leading out that led in, falling back to the wall, each turn his own.
First and third couple side with your own, then with each others, whilst the others with their own. First and third man, the second woman and fourth woman lead a breast to the wall, fall back and hands round to your places, the other four doing the like at the same time. The first and third couple lead a breats to the presence, fall back and hands round to yuor places, the other four doing the like downward at the same time.
Arm as you sided. The first man and second woman, the second man and the first woman lead to the wall and fall back again while the other four cross over each with his own and meeting each others woman lead them under the first and second couple arms, falling to your places and turn your own. That again, the last four doing what the first four did.

Prototype prepared by Spellbinder Systems Group
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