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We're starting spring practices - come join us!

Deer Creek Morris of San Francisco California, was founded in 1986 in Palo Alto. We dance in events of different types, ranging from private parties, formal stage shows to traditional street performance. Deer Creek has danced in the Bay Area Christmas Revels, danced for pagan festivals and churches alike, has appeared at many California sites, as well as in Vancouver, British Columbia, Marlboro, Vermont, and London, Ontario.

Morris Dancing is an ancient tradition of dance and music from the Cotswold region of England, part of a ritual to shake off the dark and gloom of Winter and celebrate the coming of a warm and fertile Spring. The bells and handkerchiefs, ribbons and bright colors, sticks, shouting and songs all join to drive the cold winter away.

We dance the Morris because we love it. We aim to dance with precision and power, and to introduce our audiences to the magic of Morris and traditional dance. (We also enjoy the conviviality of a pub stop after a performance.

Where to see us

We perform for many events in the San Francisco Bay Area. Check out our performance calendar or even better - hire us for your own event!

Getting in touch with us

Deer Creek Morris welcomes new members, and are available for hire.  If you have questions, please contact:

or any of the Deer Creek members

Deer Creek Morris is proud to be affiliated with the Bay Area Country Dance Society

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