Unofficial Pages for BACDS
the Bay Area Country Dance Society
ARE NO MORE (and we're glad)!

Why NO MORE Unofficial Pages?

The unofficial pages were conceived to contain information about BACDS not available on BACDS' own website, and to provide a more detail about the organization and its activities, especially for those not already involved with BACDS.  It was also a directory and index into that website, making the good information that was "hidden" easier to get at.

Well the main site has finally filled in gaps, and how!  It's got much more full and robust information, and a great structure which makes things pretty easy to find. 

I'm very gratified to see a lot of ideas, suggestions, and material that took initial shape here now included in the current incarnation official site. That said, there's really no need for these pages to be around any more.  They've done their job and I owe a lot of thanks to the many people who provided the material for it (and a lot of good ideas) and a lot of support along the way.  Thank you, all!

So, go on to the BACDS official website at!  You'll be pleased with the results.

Again, thanx,
Ric Goldman
August 4, 2002

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